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We, at Jersey Crusher, can help increase your profits and productivity. A construction crusher is a piece of equipment manufactured for reducing the size of large rocks and gravel. Built to crush raw material, the crushing and screening of aggregate is of vital importance to the construction industry, as it provides the building blocks for creating structures, e.g., foundational slab, backfill, pavers, road base, etc.

With construction projects being time-sensitive, our crushing equipment maximizes production up-time and reduces operating costs for rock-crushing operations across hundreds of customers and locations. A reputable rock crushing company, our lump breakers, and particle-izers are designed to reduce bulky, compact material into useable pieces. Broken down into pieces according to your specified request, our aggregate crushing equipment allows you to dispose of material lying around easily. Offering our services for the following construction jobs, Jersey Crusher can help reduce inefficiencies and downtime.

  • We help develop your new construction site, therefore you get to evaluate the market before investing in a new plant;
  • If your demand surpasses your production capacity, our equipment helps you bridge the gap;
  • We help you access precious reserves while sustaining your production and harnessing a smaller footprint;
  • We help you meet your construction needs if you're bidding for a large-scale, lucrative construction job;
  • We support you in reopening your quarry without investing any major capital;
  • We help prevent any financial exposure by disposing of your old plant equipment;
  • We facilitate you in crushing any surplus aggregate for turning it into a usable product; and
  • We assist you in creating saleable products from aggregate overburden.

There are four different ways to break down the size of a material, by compression, by shear, by impact, and by attrition. Manufactured to meet and exceed the unique requirements of the construction industry, our crushers harness a combination of these crushing techniques. Familiar with how increased profit margins, streamlined processes, and effective utilization of resources is your key concern, we at Jersey Crusher ensure our equipment performs various functions. So, whether you're a small or veteran construction firm, our range of equipment can keep your processes up and running, with no inefficient usage of time or resources.

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Whether you are a top-of-the-line processing company or a small manufacturing company just starting out, JERSEY CRUSHER can help increase your profits and reduce your costs in many ways.

When using a JERSEY CRUSHER size reduction machine, lumps and caked up pieces are broken up and size reduced ready for processing. Incorporating a JERSEY CRUSHER machine will increase your systems productivity and flow rate and decrease your downtime - resulting in increase dollar profits.

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Our Products

We offer a complete line of size reduction machines and systems. One of which will surely fit your application requirements.

Lower Construction Costs & Inefficiencies with Jersey Crusher's Crushing Equipment

Over the course of several decades, Jersey Crusher has perfected its technology and consistently strived for high-quality manufacturing. Once present on your construction site, our equipment is fully mobile and can be moved around. This enables you to facilitate on-site recycling while allowing you to avoid disposal and transportation costs simultaneously. Experienced enough to handle clients crushing both large and small volumes of aggregate, we make sure to offer you our complete technical expertise. Firmly focused on providing you solutions that work for your given scenario, you can also send a sample of your product to us.

Considered one of the best rock crushing equipment manufacturers, we take it upon ourselves to evaluate your product for determining a system or machine that best fits your construction needs. Given that our equipment's durability and reliability are unparalleled, you can gain access to a series of equipment that offers you the highest quality and maximum profitability. Our rocking crushing equipment is regarded as top of the line, available in 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, and other abrasion resistant materials.

We are constantly updating our equipment in order to offer you the best possible service. Having worked in the construction industry for years, we understand how on-site crushing helps you recycle material that is used for different applications. With conventional crushing equipment slowing down your production speed, our service ensures you experience no such inconvenience due to caked up pieces or lumps. Equipped with skilled and expertise-driven engineers, we can help you find options that support your construction requirements through and through. Thus, whether it is green field development, supplemental crushing, developmental crushing, or eliminating any resource burden, each and every unit manufactured by us is symbolic of our years of research and combination of advanced technology. Ideal for producing aggregate material that repairs old structures or builds new constructions, Jersey Crusher offers you turnkey solutions.

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